Raspberry Cheesecake

It all started as a project in Summer 2008, creating
a story line for a girlie skirt collection and a brand
name including the whole CI for a deemed brand.
The idea behind it was, to use mainly feminine
colours such as pink, purple and red. A fancy name
had to be found which fits the skirt collection.
Raspberry Cheesecake was born.
Since that time Markus Schmidbauer got more focused
on women’s evening- and daywear, predominantly
To differ from other recently launched fashion
brands, Raspberry Cheesecake tries to vary in
many ways, but the variety is mostly in detail.
Each garment has its own philosophy, reaching
from quirky shapes to an accumulation of intricacies.
Elements find a place in each collection, which
are quite unusual for a clothing line. Materials get
diverted from its intended use and brought into a
sophisticated version of modern woman’s wear.
It’s a play on the fine line between art and coeval
fashion. - Fashion is Art -